Where Are You Located?

Motivated Zen does not maintain a physical office location.  Classes and coaching sessions are held in local community centers, schools, and public spaces.  When you register for a Zen Paddle or Retreat you will be sent instructions on what you’ll need to bring, you’ll receive a waiver to fill out and return, and directions to the launch site/event location, including a contact cell number in case you get lost.  Zen Walks will list the locations in the event description. 

How are these paddle adventures different than regular tours offered elsewhere?

Zen paddles are designed to connect you with nature in a peaceful way, creating amazing memories of your time on the water in extremely beautiful places.  Your paddle can be centered just around you, or with a special friend/partner/spouse, as on the couples paddle.  Tours by other organizations or companies are friendly and fun also, but you are often in random groups with many people in a much more boisterous atmosphere, and personal instruction is limited.  Our paddles are special and unique to your needs and centered around your personal enjoyment and include full instruction from beginning to end. 

Do You Give Discounts For Bringing Your Own Boat/Gear?   Do I Have To Have A Boat/Gear?

You are paying for the time and expertise of your guide/coach, and therefore I do not offer discounts for using your own boat/gear.  

If you have a boat and gear you are comfortable with, I advise you to use them. Often people reserve paddle packages to get instruction in and about the boat and gear they already own but are just learning to use.  Motivated Zen does provide boats and gear for the Individual paddle, Escape, and Romantic Couple packages. Weight and height restrictions for Motivated Zen boats are 300 lbs. and 6′ 2″ so if you are above those, please let me know when you make your reservation so I can make accommodations.

What does Boat & Gear mean?

If you’re providing your own boat, boats should be 12′ and longer, have bulkheads (or air bags), and must not be an inflatable style.  Why, you ask?  Because boats under 12′ tend to require a lot more effort to paddle over distance and the goal is a peaceful paddle rather than high physical exertion.  Inflatable kayaks/boats fall into the high exertion category also. Having bulkheads or air bags mean that if your boat fills with water, it will still float rather than sink.

Gear: PFD (personal flotation device, or life-jacket), paddle, whistle, Invasive Species Permit, bilge pump, hat, sunglasses, a rain jacket and water-wicking clothing (exercise type clothing, nylon/spandex, nothing cotton), and water shoes or old tennis shoes that you can get wet.  Everything is provided except the clothing you wear.
Gear that is suggested but not always necessary: Spray skirt, sunscreen, gloves (bicycle gloves work great), a dry bag or a gal. size Ziploc bag for your keys and wallet, a waterproof camera for the amazing scenery and wildlife. A spray skirt and dry bag are provided by Motivated Zen.

Do I Have To Be An Experienced Kayaker

No, not at all, but please let me know if you’re a beginner so I can assist you with instruction before and during the paddle.  All Zen paddles will be on flat, calm water, appropriate for beginning level paddlers.  Motivated Zen boats are highly stable, recreational boats that are 12′ or longer.

Reservations, Cancellations, and Rescheduling Policies

Reservations at least a week ahead of the event date are recommended for paddles, walks, and retreats, but the sooner the better as events fill up quickly.

No refunds will be offered for cancellations of paddle trips or retreats within 3 days of your reserved date.  If you decide to cancel your reservation within 3 days of paddle trips or retreats, a $20.00 cancellation fee will be applied with no exceptions. I have a “Rain or Shine” policy and only cancel tours if the forecast is for heavy rain or extreme wind, in which case no fees will be charged and I will attempt to reschedule your paddle (paddles in light rain are an amazing zen experience with proper gear).  Please know the fee represents a portion of the time dedicated to serving you prior to your cancellation/rescheduling and logistical adjustments required after your cancellation/rescheduling.  Thank you for your understanding.